This Sounds Like BS

Of Course, this sounds like bull!


Because It Is Impossible to directly communicate!

Trying to communicate an unlimited reality, where there is no separation at all, within a limited reality with separation is crazy!


Because this teaching of "no separation"

is so very different from the accepted story

of "individual me,"

a teacher who speaks the naked truth

will be perceived by the ordinary person

as speaking falsehoods, BS, nonsense.

It does not fit

Don't ask,  "How does this teaching fit into the knowledge and wisdom I have already accumulated?"

It doesn't!

This information sure might sound like nonsense

because there is no way to integrate

the truth (Wholeness)

into the illusion (separation).


IT HAS BECOME OBVIOUS that none of this

is what it once seemed.

We are all dream characters in a dream.


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DOES EXIST, Cannot be expressed

What is being pointed to is not of the dream reality and so cannot be expressed in dream terms.

But, but, but dream terms are all we have!  Knowing that there is no way it can be expressed, pointers are used to "point beyond" the dream.


Building up the imaginary ego

There is no meaningful way to talk about this teaching, this truth, and there is no way to construct a sentence because there is no object and no doer and nothing done and no time frame.  

What is being expressed, what is being pointed to, simply does not make any sense within the reality you were taught to believe is true.

As you might imagine, anything that is beyond, outside of the reality

that you learned and currently believe to be true,

certainly sounds like nonsense.

The Teaching is not more story, Not more BS

Not pointing to a new story to believe in.  Rather, the pointing is to look and realize that the personal story of "Individual Me" is only a conceptual fabrication, illusion, and to give it up, to let it go, to surrender, to stop believing the personal story, the illusion of separation.

An analogy: Santa Clause is seen to be only BS

The Santa Clause story was once believed to be true, to be reality.  At the time, everyone I knew told me it was true.  Then on a tip from my older brother, a pointer was given to look and to realize that the story of Santa was only a conceptual fabrication, an illusion.  I gave up believing the story was true, I let it go, I surrendered the belief and stopped believing the illusion was real.    

(And of course this is all nonsense because there never actually was an individual me, an older brother or anybody to do anything!  All just dream characters in a dream story).

Let go of the misconception

that Wholeness has a problem

that needs your personal help.

This is just BS to build up the sense

of being a separate, individual self.

Sounds like BS

Here's another "Try" at expressing what is inexpressible:

(and that's exactly why it sounds like BS!)

Wholeness is streaming energy which is "Perceived mistakenly by individuals" as all these separate things in the world, including the body/mind that is believed to be personal.  Everything is actually streaming energy (similar to the streaming light shinning through the old film projectors onto the movie screen at the movie theaters) and there is nothing at all that is separate or personal.

Yes! From the perspective of an individual person this sounds like rubbish, sounds like crazy ideas from a blathering nutcase, a real idiot!

The idea of sacrificing yourself to help others

From the viewpoint of an individual this idea is normally seen as a high virtue.

From a different view this idea is silliness, dramatic nonsense.

It is obvious!

When there is the realization

that there is actually no separation

'many things' sound quite obvious.

It is Not Obvious!

Without that realization

those 'many things'

sound like nonsense!

This stuff sure sounds crazy!

This non duality stuff sounds so far-fetched

and so at odds with everyday perception and common sense that

most people if they were to hear it would be inclined to call it crazy raving;

laugh, or shrug, and go back to their daily lives.

For more explanation on why this stuff sounds so crazy

read Chapter 4 in the book Perfect Brilliant Stillness:

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The mystics and poets, saints and awakened masters

who have glimpsed or seen or known

all agree that what is seen and known is inexpressible.

For more on why this is inexpressible read Chapter 8 WORDS FAIL.

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What is, is the Truth.  It is not 'conceptual.'

What can be communicated about the Truth is only 'conceptual,'

a mental fabrication, a story about the Truth,

a translation into words and ideas and sentence structures.


The analogy is that the Truth is like the moon itself.

Yet the translation into words, the communication,

the conceptual explanation of the Truth,

is like the reflection of the moon in a puddle of water.

For more on why the Truth cannot be expressed

read Chapter 10 GONE BEYOND.

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The mind insists

on some associated commentary;

yet What Is,

is ineffable,

is precisely not of mind.


As long as the dream of separation is understood

to be 'real'

it is, of course, absurdly extreme to call life a dream. 

All that stuff about I don't exist,

you don't exist, cannot possibly fit

with the understanding

from the point of view

of an individual dream character.


Earthly things must be known

to be loved. 



Divine things must be loved

to be known.



It is not possible

to understand this

so that it can be seen. 


It must be seen

to be understood.

What is written here, if it is really understood,

is so genuinely strange that it is on the far edge

of what the normal human brain can comprehend or accept.

The mind dislikes it, objects, finds it absurd.

1) There is a problem to 'teach' this stuff:

What is outside of human knowledge or experience

is inexpressible, cannot be taught.

2) There is also a problem to 'learn' this stuff: 

The mind learns new things only in terms

of what it already knows. 

If there is nothing similar to what it already knows

then the new thing will have no meaning

and will not be learned or assimilated.

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