What Is

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The story of Santa Clause 

was believed to be reality.

It was only a story.

It was never real, never reality.




The story with individuals

was believed to be reality.

It was only a story.

It was never real, never reality.




look within.

look within!

unimaginable, perfect beauty

in the still, silent heart.


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With Realization:

Life is, quite suddenly, marvelously, utterly simple.


There is no separation to experience. 

Everything that the individual apparently experiences,

and also the individual itself,

is a fiction, a thought bubble, a dream, God's play.



The story, the description,

of how the Realization occurred in a certain body/mind organism,

is only that, a description,

and cannot be taken as a prescription

of how another body/mind organism might 'get there from here.'


Realization does not occur

while pursuing a story,

because the storytelling

(with its wants and desires)

constantly strengthens

the sense of a separate self

that does not exist.

Realization occurs

when this storytelling

(with its wants and desires)

is seen to be misguided,

seen to be futile. 

Then the story telling stops. 

Then the story stops. 

That is the going beyond.

'All That Is' is all that exists;

the individual who thinks she understands this does not. 

Nothing ever was.

There is no one to awaken, no one has ever existed.

A separate individual is only a dream character, part of the cosmic joke.

'All That Is' has never been asleep, has no need to awaken, or to realize anything.

'All This' just is.

When it is understood that All This, All That Is, Wholeness,

is unfolding, is outpouring, as the perfect dream in Consciousness,

then there is no need for anything to be different than it is.


The discussion of whether or not 'you' can be a doer or not

is like discussing whether the bird in the empty cage is captive. 

The cage is empty. 

There is nobody home!


What Is, (what You actually are) is Consciousness,

in whose dream appear these mind/bodies. 

When this is seen (when this is realized)

there is awakening from identification

as one of the mind/bodies in the dream. 

Without this identification

there can be no doubt, no fear, no despair,

no anxiety, no depression, no uncertainty.



   (including this life you think you have as this imaginary individual)

   is simply unfolding 

   in this undivided Wholeness.









Our True Nature, All That Is, Presence, is neutrality;

the absence of judgments, censorship, desires, and worry.

There is "the Peace that passes all understanding"

when there is the awareness of being always

this Presence of this perfect, uninvolved, neutral Wholeness.



The Understanding, the knowing of Self, Presence,

ultimate Truth, Wholeness, All That Is,

lies outside human experience

as it lies outside of time and space.


 Recognize that in the normal consensus-reality

the subject/object relationship is inverted.

Now it is Realized that Wholeness is always the subject,

and apparent individuals appear only as objects.

An individual (as a subject)

seeking Wholeness (as an object) is absurd.


No Frigging way!

This energy, this intelligence, this intelligence-energy,

(Consciousness or Presence or whatever ya wanna call it!)

is the whole universe, it is all there is. 

There is no frigging way anything is separate from this!


1) The wave on the surface of the ocean thought it was separate from the ocean but then realized the truth: there is no separation. The nature of the ocean is unchanged.  Nothing has happened.

2) The imaginary separate individual thought it was separate from Wholeness, from Consciousness, from All There Is, but then realized the truth:  there is no separation. The nature of Wholeness is unchanged.  Nothing has happened.

The Intellectual Understanding

All there is is Consciousness.

So there is nothing which is not Consciousness.

Then even this which is realizing this is Consciousness.


I am not.  

There is no one home.

'All That Is' is what I truly am.


Relax!  Enjoy!

There is only being.

There is only here.

There is only now.

So relax.  There is no effort needed to be here now.  You cannot not be. 



There is a profound realization that nothing, absolutely nothing matters.



You are




in which

the life

that you think of

as 'yourself'


The Understanding is that there never was a 'you,'

or a 'me,' for anything to happen to,

and that who You are is the Consciousness

in which all this appears to happen.

Happiness is your natural state.

The reason it is not always experienced is

because of the layers and barriers that

are erected and constantly maintained.

The secret to happiness

is not to try and gain anything new but

rather to let go of these layers and barriers.

There is happiness when

there is a deep true knowing

that this is perfect, now, here,

the way things are, and

nothing has to be any different.

The Masters agree

No amount of practicing or trying or reading or listening or learning can bring about this Realization, this Awakening, this Enlightenment.

The 'pop,'  the change of focus, cannot be taught, cannot be done:

it happens.

There is no formula, no practice that will open the gates of heaven, that will shift identification from separation to wholeness.

Give up all the old ideas of individuals doing things.

Realization means precisely: the impossibility of the existence of any individual human being.

The Only Way this works

Stop taking notes and start taking this personally, as it were.

Take this very intimately.

Let it stop you!

No one can show you

so find out for yourself.

Ignore what you have

read and heard.

Go deep within.

Who are you?

Who is the Self from

which everything arises?

Discover it yourself.

Realization does not happen to an individual that desires to wake up.

All desires proclaim and reinforce the mistaken idea that you are an individual.

In stillness, just look within.  Maybe you'll see no separation.  Maybe not.

With Realization many things that were previously confusing and difficult to accept are now seen as obvious:

Nothing is happening here.

Nothing matters.

This is all perfect, just as it is.


Give up all knowledge, wisdom, concepts and spiritual pointers.

Encourage a state of open awareness.

Realize there is nothing you can do.  

You are not the doer of anything; 

events only happen through you.

Awakening is seeing What Is,

and acceptance of the whole - the whole messy lot.  

You don't necessarily have to like it, but it's What Is.


There is no doer of anything.

There are no individuals.



All there is is Consciousness,

or call it Presence, or Wholeness, or All That Is.

 This is what you are.


There is no way to do anything wrong.

You are not the doer of any action.

'What-Is' is right, wonderful, beautiful and perfect.

There is no actual separation

There are certainly no individuals.  No one asleep, no one to be realized, awakened, enlightened,  ... no one to do anything at all!







Stop taking the

dream and the

dream characters







Look and see what you are not

By looking and seeing what you are "not" there is a stepping away from it, a stepping out of the misconceived role of a separate individual.

As an individual person I am not;

All this world is not;

All there is is Presence (or call it Wholeness, All-That-Is) streaming here in perfect outpouring;

and this Presence is what "I" is.

All teachings are only pointers and not themselves truth



With the Realization of Wholeness

is the complete acceptance

that whatever arises

is the the perfect unfolding.

Everything perceived is the flow of Wholeness, All-That-Is.

There is nobody home in anything perceived as separate, in anything perceived as an individual.

Wholeness functions through the instruments perceived as separate individuals.  There is nothing personal, nothing separate.


What truly is


This whole functioning, this total happening is what truly is,

not the apparent individual that you imagine you are.



When there is not identification

as an individual,

all this is seen

as simply happening.


All the pointers are toward What-Is.

You are always already All-That-Is, Wholeness, and there is nothing you can do to obtain it.

This does not mean you must stop all efforts, just don't take it personally as "my efforts."

It is totally impersonal, simply the totality unfolding.

Simple Summary

Awakening is the realization that there is no one to awake.

There is no individual here doing anything.

All-That-Is, Wholeness (or call it Consciousness or Presence)

is all that is.


See that there is Wholeness and nothing else.

Then the mind has nothing to think about.

There is no conceptualization, just stillness.

Without illusion, there is realization of the truth.

There is knowing without any sense of doubt.


The Truth can be pointed to but cannot be taught, cannot be directly communicated!

How can you see the truth when illusion has been pulled over your eyes? How can you see the actual movie screen when the conceptual illusion of the movie, the story, is believed? How can the truth of no-separation be communicated when there is already an extremely strong belief in a conceptual reality, an illusion, which assumes separate subjects and objects?  

There is the realization:

There never was a me,

there is nobody home,

there are no individuals or separate objects.


It is Wholeness, All That Is,

that is looking out through these eyes,

through all eyes, it always has been.  

There is nothing else.  

The sense of being an individual person is no longer there.  

It is realized that separate individuals and separate objects

have never actually existed, were never there.  

It was only an idea, a mistaken idea.

From eternity, without time, I am the unborn.

There is no need to strive or to struggle or to become.  

Wholeness, All-That-Is, is what all of us already are.

What, Me Worry?

Unhappiness and suffering is due to attachment to cherished ideas.

The end of unhappiness and suffering is when the mind stops,

and there is the occurrence of Realization.

Trying to bring about the realization

of oneness, wholeness,

by eliminating attachments is

back-asswards and does not work!

Realization can never happen to an individual.

See that what looks important to an individual character in the imaginary dream reality of separation, does not actually matter. 

When realizing that the reality of separation is actually just a dream with imaginary separate characters, then nothing needs to be any different from what it is.  Nothing is important at all.

Who you really are

(Presence, Consciousness,

Wholeness, All That Is)

knows you are asleep and

is expecting to wake up.

With the Realization that separation is just a story, just an illusion,

it is clear that there is no birth or death, no coming or going,  

just timeless Wholeness and nothing else.

Be Still

Be still. 

Who is the 'I' that Is, in stillness?  That is what you want. 

Not this.  

Read this stuff for entertainment in the dream, if you must,

but don't be sidetracked.

It is clear that it is not the body/minds that are seeing.


The crux is, you were never created.

eternal unborn. that's the heart of it.


Transformative if truly understood

For a very rational and quite simple

expression of:

the secret of life and death,


the certain knowing inherent in awakening