The Illusion

The basic misunderstanding, the illusion, is the belief in discrete individuals existing as separate entities and as the originators, thinkers, or doers of any thoughts, actions, or experiences.  Including, of course, the presumed individual thinking this.


With the illusion

of being an individual person,

there is the accompanying misery

of pride and arrogance,

shame and guilt,

anxiety and  fear,

hatred and malice.

See through the mist of this world 

which has been pulled over our eyes 

to blind us from the Truth.




Enjoy the show!

See the characters appearing to act crazy 

in the conceptual dream-like world of separation! 

It's crazy because the characters play a role

where they imagine they are separate and actually in control.  

Watch their strong desire to assert and to affirm

the sense of being someone.





When the normal reality is seen as a conceptual dream-like story then attachment (to any outcome) falls away.

Just because these 'minds,' here in the dream, in the illusion,

are conditioned to think in terms of dualism

does not mean they are not capable of thinking otherwise.


Just that it is a very unusual and sometimes awkward

transition requiring much stretching of boundaries.

Fun Shirt!


The shift is to see the unreal as unreal.     






Realization will not happen as a 'result'

of an imaginary individual, a dream character,

performing some practice.

There is not much point working to diminish the ego

since it is only an illusion

which doesn't actually exist on its own.

Realize that the belief in a 'me' is why there appears to be a reality of separation!



Awakening is not a process,

it is a popping out

of the context of process,

out of duality.






When you are watching a movie,

you can pop out

of the context of imagination,

out of illusion.



The crucial insight is in seeing who or what one is not.


The role of 'individual me being the subject that is doing the perceiving'

is now realized to be false. 

Simply stated: "There is nobody home."


What is the silliest damn thing that's ever been seen?


Everybody running around thinking they actually exist!

Only Oneness is!

The perception of

boundaries which

creates separation

in space into distinct

individual entities is illusion.

What is the illusion?

The illusion is the

separating, the judging,

the making distinctions

and the comparing of

"nonexistent" individuals

and separate objects.

The belief in an imaginary 'me' is mutually exclusive of

the Realization that there is no actual separation whatsoever!

There's really only one thing which is not of the dream, only one thing that can be known, and that is the basic consciousness, "I Am."

Everything else is just a concept, a construct of mind in the dream, something "I don't know." Everything.

Relax, be still, and watch life flow.

The imaginary individual, the dream character,

is completely caught up in building and maintaining the personal story,

driven by that unknown, unexamined wanting

to assert and continually reconfirm the individual self.

We mistakenly think that the seeking helps

but it is actually the problem!  It is like quicksand. 

The seeking, the desiring, is the sense of individual self

trying to assert its existence by constantly telling its story.


 Surrender the illusions, the stories of separation, to get off the Highway To Hell!

Go Beyond The Stories

See the stillness beyond the stories to take the Stairway To Heaven!

What is beyond the illusion, beyond the dream?

What happens when the mental storytelling stops?  

What's beyond the story?

Nothing, because no thing is separate from Wholeness, 

from All-There-Is,

from Perfect Brilliant Stillness.

Beyond the story of separation, there is no actual separation,

there are no individual objects.


It is only Wholeness flowing

 See the story of separation with a fake identification called "me."  

Investigate and recognize the separation story as a phony reality,

an illusion,  similar to the story of Santa Clause.  

They are both just imaginary stories.

 The mistake is to take anything personally.

There is no me.




It is the sense 

of individual self

that is the illusion,

that is the bondage,

that is the endarkenment!

Realize what is only conceptual

See that you take this conceptual character you call "me" to be real and you also take to be real everything outside of this "me" character, calling it the real world. 

Let happen what will happen.


Let the misconceptions fall away.

See The Illusion

You take to be real what is conceptual, a mental illusion, and thus miss what is actually real.

What's the difference between a regular person and a sage?

No separation actually exists.  These are just imaginary characters in the conceptual reality, in the daydream, in the illusion of separation. 

This is similar to asking,

"What is the difference between Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny?"

questions and answers


All questions and answers are within the conceptual reality, the dream, the illusion, so they will never lead to realizing what is outside of the dream.  It is when the questions and answers stop and the mind is empty that there is an opening!


Realization is not a shift in one's perspective.  

Realization is a shift in identification.  The illusion of separate individuals and separate objects is realized.

As the illusion of separation is realized to be only a conceptual fabrication, living happens with much more neutrality.

Whatever arises,

including the illusion of separation,

is the perfect unfolding of totality.



Simply notice how the conceptual activity, the storytelling, supports the illusion of separation.

 If you're not disillusioned with your spiritual teachers,

They're not doing their job.  They're in the dis-illusion-ment business!

All ideas are within the illusion story of separation.  Going beyond the illusion means going beyond all ideas.

See through old beloved concepts such as: cause and effect, improving myself and the world, finding my purpose, etc.

This teaching may take you out of anything you have ever known.

It could end "your life,"  end the illusion you call "my life." 

Simply let go and realize that any sense of control is illusory.

Since individuals and separate objects do not exist (and never have)

then all stories can be seen as:

great entertainment or silliness or dramatic nonsense!


The mental story, the mental belief, the conceptualization, is the veil which hides the truth of wholeness, of oneness, of perfect brilliant stillness.

Just because almost everyone believes something does not make it true!

What you have believed all your life to be "reality,"   

what all your friends and family believe, turns out to be an illusion.

This normal reality is only a dream, a conceptual-reality,

an imaginary story of separation.

Pop! Suddenly there is seeing through the veil, through the illusion, to the background, to the substrate, to what is always there, and ultimately 'real' and true.

The background had not been perceived because the focus had been on the illusion, on the conceptual stories about an imaginary world with separate things.

What is always there, What Is, Who you truly Are, is precisely the background.

When the normal consensus reality is seen as just an illusion,

as just a conceptual story,

there is that falling away of personal identification,

and also the falling away of the whole subject/object distinction.  

It ends because it is seen that there never was any separation.




How very beautiful, joyful, and peaceful it is ...

when the belief in separation

is realized to be just an incorrect belief.




   The ego does not

   get put aside

  without a struggle:

  we do not give up

   our lives easily.









Since awakening from the illusion of separation

is the realization that there is no one here to awaken,

then the letting go, the surrender,

is of one's entire individual existence.

For more explanation read Chapter 6 SURRENDER.

CLICK HERE  For Perfect Brilliant Stillness Chapter 6




The conceptual me,

the illusory individual self,

says it would be absurd

to stop believing in itself.



What is absurd, of course,

is believing the illusion:

that you are the

conceptual separate me,

the dream character.


This is not about transforming a life,

but rather ending it, obliterating it, annihilating it.

This cannot be seen if the so-called mind

already thinks it knows...

because 'thinking' maintains the mistaken belief,

the illusion, that there is something separate.