Why Use Pointers?

The term 'Realization' (or waking up, or enlightenment) is used to express a major shift where the normal reality is no longer seen to be reality, but rather  is now seen to be only a story, only conceptual, only imaginary, like a daydream. The new reality can be known but not described because the only tools for communicating are in the previous normal reality which uses words and ideas and sentence structures that assume separate subjects, and separate objects.  The new reality cannot be described in these old terms because the new reality has no separate subjects, no separate objects, no separation at all.  So words and phrases are used as "Pointers" to point to this new reality that has no separation.

Look where the pointers are actually pointing ... not to the words, not to the ideas, not to the stories!

      From the menu click on a group of pointers:


Do not mistake the pointing finger for the moon.

-Wei Wu Wei



Look past all the spiritual

sayings and stories,

past the spiritual practices,

past the teachers,

past the spiritual experiences. 

Look beyond them all

to what is being pointed to.




What is Realized is very simple. 

It is What Is. 

And there can only be pointing toward it

from various angles.